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Mediablaster® Cabinets
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HydroSlurry Wet Blasting Cabinet

HydroSlurry Wet Blasting Cabinet

Meet the new HydroSlurry wet blasting cabinet by Media Blast. If you’re thinking about equipping your shop with an affordable wet slurry blaster cabinet then check out our new stainless steel HydroSlurry®. This vapor blasting model is available in three standard cabinet sizes plus the 2420 bench top model. Choose the cabinet size right for your application. 

An Affordable Wet Blaster 

If you’re looking for a wet (vapor) blast cabinet to produce great looking part finish, processing composites using zero frictional heat, look no further than the HydroSlurry. This machine is ideal for 3-D part processing, automotive and motorcycle restoration, and wheel re-finishing for new coatings. Because it’s a wet machine, there is no abrasive impregnation into the part surface and a chemically clean surface for critical plating and coatings. 

Eight Awesome Features of the HydroSlurry Wet Blaster 

Here are eight awesome cabinet features:

  1. Stainless Steel Slurry Cabinet
  2. 1/2 hp Slurry Suspension Pump
  3. Mist Blower with Decant Filter for a legal negative pressure wet cabinet blasting 
  4. Easy to Service Pump Assembly
  5. 1% to 15% and higher Abrasive Suspension
  6. 13” x 24” Positive Sealing Clearview® View Window
  7. All Air Controls with easy-to-use operator’s control panel
  8. Tungsten Carbide Nozzle, cfm usage customer choice, 20 cfm @ 80 psi standard, 16 cfm @ 80 psi available

To Sum It Up 

The HydroSlurry is a less expensive wet blaster that’s great for today’s automotive applications, R&D applications, restoration projects and more. It offers a clean blasting process in a small area so it’s a great solution to replacing a messy, inexpensive wet blast cabinet purchased online. This mediablaster is primarily used for glass bead blasting. A variety of add-on options are available for you to fully customize our standard machine configuration. If you’re looking for blast cabinet parts or the user manual for this machine then visit our contact page.

We want to help you purchase the right machine the first time, so tell us about your intended machine application if you’re not sure what to buy.