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Media Blast N-200 Industrial Siphon Blast Cabinet

Media Blast N-200 Industrial Siphon Blast Cabinet

The N-200 by Media Blast is an Industrial Siphon Blast Cabinet which means it utilizes siphon abrasive delivery. True Industrial Siphon Blast Cabinets must have a blower and dust collector capable of handling a large abrasive gun size delivering up to 10 pounds of abrasive per minute.  Most of the applications today can use the Industrial Siphon blasting cabinet, which is open to atmosphere. This enables continuous operation without the need to stop and re-pressurize like the pressure pot used on all direct pressure machines.

What Makes Industrial Siphon Blast Cabinets so special?

Unlike Shop and Light Duty Models or machine that are marketed as “heavy duty”, Industrial Siphon machines are capable of very high frictional heat. This kind of heat will overpower most coatings, but the Industrial N-200 model is not using a small siphon gun size. Media Blast’s Industrial Siphon machines are available with an Internal Separator Reclaimer that keeps the abrasive inside the cabinet and an External Separator Reclaimer that includes a pneumatic conveyor to remove all the abrasive from the cabinet each time it exits the gun nozzle.

The N-200 with Internal Abrasive Separator Reclaimer can use all abrasive sizes from 0 to 150 mesh that have a lessor angle of repose. This is the angle needed for the abrasive to fall down on itself or what we like to call “maximum pile height”. By using the internal abrasive storage and not the external abrasive storage using a pneumatic conveyor, the N-200 minimizes parts and streamline machine service to save money.

Most siphon machines, light duty to full Industrial, are available with three (3) basic gun sizes.  These sizes relate to the nozzle size of the siphon gun and not the actual air jet located inside the gun itself. The #4, also known as a ¼-inch blast nozzle is found in almost all smaller machines. It air usage is 16 tp 20 cfm at 80 psi.  The next gun size is normally the #6, or 3/8-inch blast nozzle, with air usage is 46 cfm at 80 psi and finally the #8, or ½-inch nozzle, is found in only the Industrial Siphon Blasters like the N-200.

If you’re wondering what happens when you use a larger gun size, this next part is for you. Most applications will triple in production, in other words they will take 1/3 the cleaning time, when the gun cfm size is doubled. If you double the gun size again, you’ll get triple the part cleaning as well, saving 2/3 the process time.  What does this mean?  This means the smaller ¼-inch nozzle size using 16 to 20 cfm is 9 times slower than the ½-inch nozzle size using 89 cfm. That math equation is the reason we like to equate “Industrial” to “time and money saved.”

Consider that with 9 times the production you’ll also have 9 times the dust in the same time period. This is why the N-200 Industrial Siphon machine has so invested in the dust collector, the cleaning cycle of the dust collector and the volume of dust it can handle. These factors are the reason this unit is often purchased by someone that understands the importance of having a clean-operating siphon machine running on 20 cfm sitting in the garage!

ProTip: You can always place a smaller gun size in any true Industrial blasting cabinet but you can’t place a larger gun inside a light duty cabinet. This is because Industrial Siphon models like the N-200 have much larger, negative-pressure dust collectors due to the 100% welded cabinet and an auto cleaning cycle to make cleaning the dust collector easy.  If the dust collector is not easily cleaned and it doesn’t store lots of dust on the filter surface, it’s not Industrial-quality; it’s just a large cabinet.

All Media Blast models, including the N-200 Siphon machine, come equipped with many standard features and also has a wide variety of optional features that can be added to save operator processing time. This is the complete list of N-200 standard features and available options.

Why Wouldn’t Everyone Use an Industrial Siphon Blast Cabinet?

Keep in mind each type of abrasive blasting cabinet has a specific design application or applications. Direct pressure machines, like the PowerPeen and PowerStrip by Media Blast, can do specific jobs a siphon cabinet can’t do.  Applications like blind hole cleaning, heavy coating removal and projects that require steel shot or steel grit are applications that require direct pressure abrasive delivery. Even so, all automated machines use siphon delivery systems because they are more productive than direct pressure systems.

To Sum It Up

If you want fast Industrial Siphon Blasting Cabinet with a powerful dust collector, look to the N-200 model. It’s capable of using all abrasives 0-150 mesh in size and abrasive type. Having the N-200 can save time, save maintenance and simply be the easiest machine to operate and maintain.