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Precision Etch Abrasive Blasting Cabinet Spotlight

Precision Etch Abrasive Blasting Cabinet Spotlight

Media Blast & Abrasives’ Precision Etch Abrasive blast cabinet is one of very few one-size-fits all micro-abrasive blasting cabinets designed for industrial applications. This line of machines was designed specifically for proper control and flow of smaller amounts of abrasive (measured in pounds per minute) using all the right abrasive delivery controls. The Precision Etch also has the ability to operate every day for extended periods of time with its dust collector, large blower and separator reclaimer and this increases processing volume. It comes standard with padded armrests allowing sit-down operation.

ProTip: The defining factor in production machinery is the dust collector. Production machines require large amounts of dust collector filter surface area. The larger the dust collector surface area is, the great it’s capacity for storing collected dusts and maintaining cabinet visibility during operation. For this reason, dust collectors with dust storage hoppers are easier to clean and cleaner to operate.

3 Features that Set the Precision Etch Apart from Competitors

  1. A unique, patented separator reclaimer and Class III blower keep even the smallest 50-micron abrasive aerated and flowing, often a problem with most small blasting cabinets.
  2. A small machine footprint designed for operation with a 120-volt power source.
  3. Adjustable micro controls to help manage ultra-fine abrasives as well as standard sizes.

To Sum It Up

The Precision Etch abrasive blast cabinet by Media Blast is one of the cleanest micro siphon machines available in the market today. It’s ergonomic design and small footprint make it ideal for small shops and laboratories operating 120-volt power and also shops that require production-volume part processing.

Media Blast & Abrasive has been manufacturing sandblasting cabinets since the 1970s. We make more than 180 standard models and sizes of abrasive blast cabinets. In addition to a comprehensive list of included features, we offer more than 80 optional features for increased productivity, durability, and operator safety. If you’re not sure whether the Precision Etch is the right fit for your needs, give us a call or visit our Buying Guide.