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Mediablaster® Cabinets
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Sandcarving Abrasive Blast Cabinet Spotlight

Sandcarving Abrasive Blast Cabinet Spotlight

In 2003 we introduced our CrystalBlast® line of sandcarving and film washout machinery. Our cabinets raised the bar on all sandblasters and included standard features such as our patented abrasive separator reclaimer, industrial pinch valve flow control, cartridge dust collector, reverse pulse cleaning, ergonomically correct design, window sweeps, cleanout pot ports and muchmore.

ProTip: Whether you’re getting started or have been sandcarving for years, we highly recommend checking out our partners IKONICS Imaging, a “Total Solution” supplier for quality sandcarving equipment and products. They offer everything you need to start and maintain a successful sandcarving business, including photoresist films, sandcarving equipment and supplies, glass and crystal engraving products, and training resources for sandcarvers at all levels.

Media Blast’s Sandcarving Cabinets

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, we have the right machine for your needs. If one of our standard cabinets doesn’t quite fit your requirements, let us know. We can develop special models for precise applications or high production output.

CrystalBlast® Pioneer – Beneficial when you want to operate using different abrasive sizes at different times and or the application has a high amount of contamination, as is commonly seen with stone and brick. Small cabinet size means it’s easily cleaned for abrasive changes and all our pressure pot include a Clean Out Port.

CrystalBlast®Pro X2 – this machine is a cost effective, professional level Sandcarver for all applications.  It is available in three models, Pro, Pro X2 and Pro X2 CE for International Markets. Easy to use, easy to operate and simple to maintain with its Cartridge Dust Collector and ERGO Features.

CrystalBlast®Elite 2.0 – an ergonomically correct blasting solution, that includes features to ensure comfortable sandcarving all day long. It is equipped with a large dust collector and blower for great visibility, Patented Separator Reclaimer and includes Air Pulse and Pneumatic Vibrator Cleaning dust collector cleaning cycles allowing three ways to keep the dust collector clean. The Elite 2.0 is the only Sandcarver that recycles 50 micron (220 mesh) abrasive without abrasive loss to the dust collector! 

CrystalBlast® Summit – The Summit allows all the standard sandcarving and includes our largest standard dust collector size but also permits part processing with no part protection taping (outside the chamber). Sandcarving outside the blasting chamber is unique to the Summit and it can eliminate up to 40% of the sandcarving time… ask us for details about how it works! 

CrystalBlast® Artist Station– Designed for sandcarving larger panels with the door closed allowing the operator to work the entire horizontal part surface inside the cabinet using the full front brushed operator work port and full width window. 

CrystalBlast®Expanded Cabinets – Accommodates larger items that often do not fit inside standard size cabinets. Close the door on your sandcarving with these cabinets that include many cabinet sizes all still using the 3/32” nozzle size. Can be equipped with fixed turntable inside or mobile work cart and turntable outside easily loaded and rolled into for part processing.

CrystalBlast® MicroBlast – Designed to hook-up to a pressure pot, siphon delivery or pencil blast generator that might be your chosen delivery method. Dust Collector, Semi-Automatic Dust Collector Cleaning Cycles, Patented Separator Reclaimer, Lights, Fast Abrasive Removal, Air Controls and everything you need but the abrasive delivery system you supply.

CrystalBlast® Navigator 72 – Allows users to choose between smart part navigation, panel pass-through machine using “Hopper-Less” technology, and standard pop-up grating if you are sandcarving a single item. Hopper-Less construction places the part at the right height for operator processing of single large panels you can move up and down as well as slide through from side to side. Contained sandcarving with no operator protection required.

CrystalBlast® Scout – a small siphon, top loading sandcarving cabinet that saves on floor space and is built for bench top or wall hung use. Because it’s siphon delivery you are normally surface etching parts and a pressure pot is not required. Save space, fast surface etch and low investment.

CrystalBlast® Master – A customized sandcarving machine that meets your needs for safe, efficient operation using the abrasive size, pot run time, dust collector requirements, and abrasive flow controls right for your application. These units include a Pneumatic Conveyor to remove all the abrasive each time it exits the nozzle. This design creates the best possible cabinet visibility with low abrasive usage and fast automatic pot loading.

AquaBlast® Pioneer – replaces manual washout when you want to process more than one film sheet and you want to be able to continue working on other items at the same time. All AquaBlast models are Patented Enclosed Pressurized Washout machines using very low water usage.

AquaBlast® Pro – saves up to 80% on water usage while processing film faster than the competition. This all new Patented Design can pay for the machine with heated water cost savings created by its low water usage…it also operates on 120 volt single phase power for fast installation and set up time.

AquaBlast® Elite 2.0 – a full production unit with our new patented design, this machine is the top of the line. It’s all stainless steel cabinet construction, double table top design for capture of all drips and with its high pressure low water usage cuts the cost dramatically for film washout cost not only in heated water savings but water and power usage.

To Sum It Up

Our line of Patented sandcarving blasting cabinets and Patented film washout machines is manufactured specifically for artists and professionals who need the highest level of precision abrasive flow control and film washout. One machine model is right for how you want to sandcarve and what you want to spend today for a clean, advanced machine design to fit today’s market.

Media Blast & Abrasive has been manufacturing sandblasting cabinets since the 1970s. We make more than 180 standard models and sizes of abrasive blast cabinets. In addition to a comprehensive list of included features, we offer more than 80 optional features for increased productivity, durability, and operator safety. If you’re not sure whether one of our sandcarving cabinets is the right fit for your needs, give us a call or visit our Buying Guide and we will connect you with the IKONICS Imaging Team making sure you get the right machine the first time.