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The Best Sandcarving CrystalBlast® Mediablaster®

The Best Sandcarving CrystalBlast® Mediablaster®

Sandcarving is one of the abrasive blasting applications we have designed an entire line of machines for. Whether you’re sandcarving out of your home or in a mass-production facility, using high-quality machines makes a world of difference.

New to Sandcarving? Welcome!

Sandcarving is a fantastic hobby and entrepreneurial venture. It’s particularly well-suited for social isolation and sheltering in place as projects can be commissioned, created, and shipped to a final destination with no social contact.

Image Credit: IKONICS Imaging, Sandcarving
Image Credit: IKONICS Imaging

Another business benefit of sandcarving is that you can launch a side gig or full-time operation with about a $5-6K investment. Most of the work of sandcarving comes from the creative process and using very basic principles to create unique products.

For people who are new to the industry or purchasing their first MediaBlaster®, we recommend the CrystalBlast® Pioneer which comes with all the features needed to get you sandcarving with the lowest investment. While this model is less expensive the small cabinet size and easy to clean, it can quickly change to a stand-by model later on when you want a better tool. The Pro model gives you room to advance and it has three different models; the Pro, Pro X2 and Pro X2 CE.

Our partners at IKONICS Imaging can help get you up and running with a custom business startup package. To have one of their exceptional team members address your specific creative needs, please visit:

Knowing When to Replace Your Sandcarving Cabinet

If you’re an old pro when it comes to sandcarving, the aftermath of sheltering in place may provide the perfect opportunity to upgrade your machine. As the economy recovers, many people may want to invest in the national economy and purchase locally to support small businesses. A new, higher capacity Sandcarver could help you meet the potential increase in demand for your services and do it cleaner!

Along with increased demand, a few other reasons that require you to purchase a new sandcarving cabinet are:

  • Ergonomically friendly machine designs
  • Micro-flow controls to expertly manage fine abrasives
  • Patented separator reclaimer capable of operating with abrasive sizes down to 220 mesh for those great half-tones that appear as a photo.
  • Largest dust collector and blower in the market today, that means clean.

Our top choices for professional-scale sandcarvers are the the CrystalBlast® Pro X2 and the CrystalBlast® Elite 2.0. Both machines offer a wide range of standard features that set them apart from competing brands. The CrystalBlast® Media Blast® Pro is one of the most popular workhorse units and allows cabinet access from either side via dual doors. The Elite 2.0 is an ergonomically correct blasting solution that can be operated from either a seated or standing position. It’s also the most advanced Sandcarver available today.

To Sum It Up

Media Blast® has been manufacturing abrasive blasting cabinets for more than 40 years. We have a wide range of sandcarving machines designed for everything from home shops to production facilities.

If you’re not sure how to choose which sandcarving cabinet is right for you, check out our Buying Guide, contact our team of trusted professionals, or reach out to IKONICS Imaging.