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3 Tips for Buying a Mediablaster®

3 Tips for Buying a Mediablaster®

Did you know that sandblasting cabinets can be called many things? Some examples are a blast cabinet, sandblaster, mediablaster®, dry blast cabinet, and even wet blast cabinet or vapor hone cabinet. Media Blast® blasters, cabinets manufactured by Media Blast and Abrasives, are among the best in the industry. Our blasters are 100% welded cold-rolled-steel cabinets designed for everything ranging from home hobbyists to the Aerospace industry. If you are in the market for a sandblasting cabinet, then this is a must-read post sharing three tips (and 3 mediablaster features!) every buyer should consider.

Be Wary of Buying a Mediablaster® Online

Searching online for mediablasters is a very tough thing to do. Lots of big companies are reselling cheap blasters they import from abroad so buyers should beware. If you are searching for an Industrial Blasting Cabinet which can process body implants or aircraft machines, then be wary of low-cost machines. Industrial Sandblast Cabinets often cost thousands of dollars. And budget blasters often deliver results commiserate with what you pay for them.

We recommend speaking directly with a manufacturer to ensure you’re buying the right machine for your application. A knowledgeable manufacturer can provide you exactly the information you need to buy the right Mediablaster the first time. The internet is a great place to start your research because most manufacturers today have websites. But many blaster resellers fall short when you get talking about the nuances of the machines they are selling.

Let Daily Duty Cycle Dictate Your Purchase

Always know your Daily Duty Cycle (DDC) for the equipment you buy. DDC is the amount of time you plan to use the mediablaster every day. If you’re only blasting sporadically, then a cheaper cabinet that needs to be cleaned more frequently might be a good fit for you. But if you need to process a high volume of parts as quickly as possible, then you may need to buy a machine that fits industrial production capacity.

3 Mediablaster® Features to Understand

  1. Know and understand the amount of compressor CFM you have available at 100 psi. Make sure the volume of air you need to run any guns is expressed in cfm flow, cubic feet per minute, at 80 to 90 psi. Learn more about Compressed Air.
  2. Next comes the dust collector filter area size and blower cfm volume. This is normally sized to the gun cfm size inside the sandblaster cabinet. So the more work you do inside a blasting cabinet, the more filter area you want to store dust. Keep in mind not all dust collectors are created equal.
  3. The bigger the blower the more you need a good separator reclaimer that separates dust and spent abrasive from good abrasive. It’s simple to calculate the number of air changes per minute when you know the cabinet size and blower cfm air volume movement out of the inside of the cabinet. And air pollution agencies and OSHA recommend 20 air changes per minute if you are required to have a permit to operate the machine.

To Sum It Up

Now you know some basic mediablaster features and our tips for buying the right cabinet the first time. When someone doesn’t pay attention to this information, then they can end up saying their machine is a mess. Usually the real issue is the machine is not being used properly.

If you want to buy a Media Blast® cabinet, or sandblaster, know that is our name and our name only. So be aware that someone using our name to describe their equipment is not necessarily selling a Media Blast and Abrasive cabinet. There is only one Coca-Cola® beverage drink and one Media Blast®! 

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