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Introducing the N-200 Siphon Aerospace Blast Cabinet

Introducing the N-200 Siphon Aerospace Blast Cabinet

Media Blast and Abrasives is introducing the N-200 Siphon Aerospace Blast Cabinet. The small machine footprint saves valuable floor space and features two 72″ high door openings. It’s the ideal mediablaster® for aerospace applications with a self-contained 440 square foot cartridge dust collector and unparalleled part handling inside the cabinet.

The Challenges of Large-Part Processing

Often an application for large parts, such as aerospace abrasive blasting, can require a large expensive blast room for part processing. This requires the operator to be inside the blast room wearing PPE gear to protect their environment. Most blast rooms today use direct pressure abrasive delivery due to the long abrasive supply hoses required for pressure pot use inside blasting rooms. We can tell you from experience it’s really nice to work in the same cloths you came to work in!

The N-200 Aerospace Blast Cabinet Design is Unparalleled

The N-200 Siphon Aerospace Blast Cabinet by Media Blast® uses a special cabinet design including a unique part handling fixture. This cabinet is unique because the part is held vertically on the movable work cart inside and outside the cabinet. Part rotation and mobile work cart movement inside the cabinet are used to process the part to specification guidelines.

This Aerospace Blast Cabinet blasting cabinet also uses two complete siphon blasting stations with constant abrasive recycling. This eliminates down time created when using a pressurized delivery system also available. Additionally, one operator station is designed for processing the inside part area, and the other station is used for processing the outside part area. Now each operator can easily position parts correctly and efficiently complete processing.

This sandblaster’s 440 sq.ft. self-contained dust collector package is for a lower Daily Duty Cycle (DDC). An optional, larger automatic dust collector can also be used. Either the standard or optional automatic dust collector combination can be equipped with our all-negative pressure HEPA After Filters. HEPA filters are normally used for Machine Cell Operation, or for increased dust collector efficiency when needed for clean environments.

4 Noteworthy N-200 Aerospace Blast Cabinet Features

Aside from the part handling fixture and the dual blasting stations, there are four additional features worth mentioning. These are also particularly handy for Aerospace Blast Cabinet applications.

  1. Two large access door openings
  2. The movable mobile work cart used to load the part outside the blast chamber then move it into position inside the cabinet
  3. Two-door pop-out cabinet spaces
  4. The movable Mobile Cart and Fixture can be positioned for each operator blast station

Media Blast Aerospace Blast Cabinet

To Sum It Up

Media Blast has been solving special cabinet design problems for almost half-century and has designed many made-to-order Aerospace Blast Cabinets. The company has one of the largest blasting cabinet model lineups in the industry with 60 different machine models and 170 separate standard machines. Cabinets range from Wet & DRY, Siphon, Gravity Feed, and Direct Pressure in any Daily Duty Cycle required.

Watch for more special designs to come from Media Blast® home of all Mediablasters®. If you’re in the market for a special, one-of-a-kind blasting cabinet reach out to us.

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