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6 Light Duty Mediablaster Applications

6 Light Duty Mediablaster Applications

A blast cabinet with a low Daily Duty Cycle (DDC) can be useful for many mediablaster applications at home. This type of Blasting Cabinet has a total DDC of 30 minutes or less daily, and sometimes lower. And many can operate on a 120-volt air compressor using a 6-cfm gun size. When used properly there are many at-home mediablaster® applications for these abrasive blast cabinets.

ProTip: There are many home blasting cabinets for sale online today, but most of these machines are made abroad and imported to USA Tool Sellers.

The 6 Light Duty Mediablaster Applications:

  1. Cleaning old used pipe fittings before using them again.
  2. Clean and make a metal file like new using low pressure and fine cutting abrasive.
  3. With glass beads you can clean your suede shoes, but remember to stay off the threads directly. Dry cleaning shops once used this process for spot cleaning expensive suede and leather clothing.
  4. Cleaning your lawnmower spark plugs if gas operated. As long as you use lower pressure and don’t use anything but glass beads, the ceramic will not accumulate carbon quickly, platinum plugs are easy.
  5. You can expand a wheel stud you press into an axle to make it grow and tighten like a very small mini-knurling process.
  6. Never clean a cast iron pan! But you can use plastic abrasive to remove seasoning.

Abrasive Blasting is Everywhere

There are a surprising number of mediablaster applications around the world. Abrasive blasting cabinets touch almost everything you see and use today. They are used for almost all body implants, flying aircraft, automotive repair and racing, and endless mold preparations for glass and plastic. Media blasting can remove burrs and even drill holes in glass – no tempered glass please!

We offer several great home blasters that are great for light duty mediablaster® applications. If you aren’t sure which mediablaster® fits your application, try our machine buying guide or contact us.

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