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Tumble Barrels and Tumble Baskets Explained

Tumble Barrels and Tumble Baskets Explained

Understanding the difference between a tumble barrels and a tumble baskets can be one of the more confusing choices in abrasive blasting. Baskets and barrels are among the hardest blasting cabinet models to purchase correctly. We’ve been making these mediablasters® since the 1970s and we understand them inside and out.

How Are Tumble Barrels and Tumble Baskets the Same

Both tumble barrel and basket blaster cabinets allow blasting of batch loads automatically using random part mixing. The faster you mix, the shorter the processing time using one gun size of only 50 cfm of compressed air. This prevents part nicking and damage, called part slamming, during processing.

5 Facts about Tumble Barrels

  1. Barrels machines will process almost all of the bulk part shapes
  2. Offer very quick part unloads
  3. Are faster-mixing shapes than baskets
  4. Require less compressed air
  5. Process parts faster than baskets

5 Facts about Tumble Baskets

  1. Can accommodate parts that can’t tumble using a barrel type
  2. Accommodate larger parts than a barrel
  3. Can offer higher capacity load processing, but require multiple guns
  4. Tumble baskets require part mixing paddles to and lower basket volumes
  5. Part processing speed is slower so the daily production volume is normally less than a tumble barrel

To Sum it Up

Media Blast® manufactures a large line of tumble barrel and basket units all including variable speed drives and a large support shaft for long service as well as the right barrel speed for different part shapes and sizes. If you have a batch processing application and you are thinking basket or barrel, we’d love to help you choose the right machine the first time. With so many options to choose from, it’s hard to know what is right for you. We are committed to helping you buy the right machine the first time. If you aren’t sure which tumble blaster fits your application, try our machine buying guide or simply contact us.

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