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Benefits of using Glass Window Protectors on Mediablaster® Cabinets

Benefits of using Glass Window Protectors on Mediablaster® Cabinets

All Media Blast & Abrasive operator view windows are made of Safety Glass and our glass window protectors are included and standard on all operator view windows except on our wet mediablasters®. Why do we use glass instead of plastic? Glass gives users the best return on investment at the most reasonable cost.

ProTip: To extend the life of your operator view windows, direct most of the abrasive away from the window. This is easier to do in a larger cabinet, so keep that in mind before you buy a model with a compact machine footprint.

We’ve Seen It All

For more than half a century we’ve been making blasting cabinets. Over that time, we have seen all kinds of DIY glass window protectors from motorcycle helmet eye shield tear-aways to stacked plastic sheets, screens and more.

Ultimately, plastic sheets are too soft, collect too much static electricity, and are too easily scratched when you try to wipe them clean. Yes, there are some really great, hard to scratch, plastic sheets used on tablets, phones and other devices. But glass is far superior and for that reason it has become more and more popular for screen protectors in recent years.

Benefits of Glass Window Protectors for Mediablaster® Cabinets

  1. Fairly inexpensive
  2. Long-landing
  3. Wipe without scratching
  4. Low-static
  5. Replaced without any tools required

ProTip: Always keep a few glass window protectors on hand so that it’s easy for operators to swap them out. You don’t want someone to remove the protector and continue blasting. If they do, and you’re using cutting abrasives, in about a month you’ll be replacing that operator view window. This is a rooky mistake that you’ll only make once.

To Sum It Up

The best and most economical way to protect the operator view window on a blasting cabinet is to install a glass window protector. This is why Media Blast® has a glass window protector included standard on all our Dry mediablaster® models. replaced using no tools.

To find out more about our mediablasters and to order replacement Glass Window Protectors, contact us today.

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