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9 Reasons Your Boss Wants a Cabinet with Micro Flow Controls

9 Reasons Your Boss Wants a Cabinet with Micro Flow Controls

An important component of the abrasive blasting industry is micro flow controls incorporated into cabinets. Micro flow controls allow ultra-precise abrasive flow delivery, not about the size of the cabinet itself. Some manufactures think that just placing a small nozzle on any blasting cabinet will accomplish micro flow delivery, but that’s the quickest way create a nonfunctioning sandblasting cabinet.  (Think of 500 people in a building all trying to exit out of a single doorway.)

9 Important Benefits of Micro Flow Controls

  1. Precise control of the abrasive impact location
  2. Inside hole cleaning and deburring using direct pressure
  3. Lower frictional heat which extends the life of any masking materials
  4. Preventing of some part burning and discoloration associated with some abrasives
  5. Low abrasive flow allows the one-time use of abrasives often required by some specifications for part processing eliminating contamination
  6. Precise control for medical parts and tools requiring maximum visual operator control
  7. Sandcarving onto crystal and glass that require focused delivery
  8. Drilling composites that require limited abrasive flow
  9. Cleaning parts with minimal surface removal