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Understanding Blast Cabinet Separator Reclaimers

Understanding Blast Cabinet Separator Reclaimers

Blast Cabinet Separator Reclaimers may not seem sexy but they’re an integral part of abrasive blasting. All blast cabinets, whether siphon or direct pressure, include two different approaches to separator reclaimers.

One is an internal separator reclaimer allowing the machine hopper to contain the abrasive being recycled.

The other uses a pneumatic conveyor to remove all the abrasive from inside the cabinet and store outside the cabinet.

Why do we have internal blast cabinet separator reclaimers?

Heavy or larger abrasives like steel shot, large plastic, glass beads and other cutting abrasives have less dust, better visibility and retain less moisture. The larger abrasives also require less angle of repose, meaning they easily slide down to the bottom of the machine hopper where the abrasive flow control valve or pressure pot is located. For these reasons using an internal separator and retaining abrasive inside the machine hopper makes the machine less costly to buy, maintain and operate.

Why do we have external blast cabinet separator reclaimers?

An external separator reclaimer with a pneumatic conveyor can removes the abrasive from inside the cabinet to dry, aerate and help to keep finer abrasive flowing. Finer abrasive creates less friction on the conveyor, the pneumatic conveyor and external separator reclaimer allowing this separator design to remove all the abrasive each time it is used. This does not work with steel shot, steel grit or larger abrasives that create high frictional heat on any pneumatic conveyor design.

To Sum It Up

Each type of abrasive delivery – siphon and direct pressure – has advantages, and so does each type of abrasive separator reclaimer. One cabinet type can’t be used for all application because one abrasive delivery method and one separator reclaimer aren’t adequate for all abrasive blasting needs. If you’re not sure which is best for your application, give us a call!