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Mediablaster® Cabinets
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Best Home Shop Mediablaster

Best Home Shop Mediablaster

If you’re in the market for a home shop mediablaster there are two very important questions to ask yourself. 

How Much Power Can Your Home Shop Mediablaster Access?

If your home shop only has 220-volt single phase electrical power panel, and you want to clean anything as fast as possible, purchase a dry, direct pressure home shop mediablaster. This will clean parts the fastest because pressure creates more frictional heat. Remember, frictional heat is very important in blasting cabinets.

Many mediablasters are built to operate on air compressors running on your home electrical power panel, and Media Blast® has many of these models available like the 3030 Savage Direct Pressure Cabinet.

ProTip: The compressed air is what does the work in abrasive blasting, the cabinet only contains the blasting process. If you want to know everything there is to know about air compressors, check out Air Compressor 101: Everything You Need to Know.

Is Budget the Biggest Factor in Buying Your Home Shop Mediablaster?

If you only have $300 to $500 to spend, you might think about buying a used mediablaster®. Something that was manufactured with safety and functionality in mind rather than the bottom line.

Real World Example: If you are thinking about buying a new car for a family of six, and you have already set the budget at $15,000 without considering the driving variables, the Chevrolet Spark LS might be the one you purchase based solely on budget. Unfortunately, you may not have checked passenger capacity before you bought, and now you’re going to have to draw straws to decide who gets a seat in the car. Oops!

Most reputable blasting cabinet manufacturers offer siphon models that are less expensive than direct pressure blast cabinets. At Media Blast we have several machines designed to fit the needs of home shops that still include a negative pressure dust collector that is 100% welded construction and many more standard features. The Media Blast Cobra Siphon Stage I and Stage II Mediablaster® cabinets are two good examples of this type of blasting machine.

Vapor Blasting Keeps at Homes Work Spaces Dust Free

Media Blast® has been making wet blasting cabinets for over 42 years. Regardless of what you read, wet blasting cabinets are not dustless unless they include some safety features required by Air Pollution Control Rules and Regulations. Unfortunately, most of the time wet abrasive delivery cabinets market themselves as home shop mediablasters they lack the important safety features. Media Blast has a complete line of HydroSlurry® models that are designed specifically for people who are limited to 20 cfm of compressed air. The HydroSlurry models are an ideal home shop mediablaster because every model meets the vapor blasting safety requirements and are all fabricated using 100% welded stainless steel, so they do meet the guidelines of dustless wet blasting cabinets.

To Sum It Up

Media Blast manufactures wet, dry, siphon, direct pressure, micro, plastic, shot peening and soda cabinets! Our superior line of blasting cabinets was created using our extensive experience with home shops, commercial repair and industrial production facilities all using siphon and direct pressure sandblasting cabinets.

Our wide range of machine models is broken down into categories so that it’s easy for you to find the right machine for your specific application. Check out our Best Machines for Specific Applications to learn more.

 If you’re not sure what cabinet is best for your needs, check out our buying guide or give us a call – our goal is to help you buy the right machine the first time!