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Why Buy from Media Blast & Abrasives?

Why Buy from Media Blast & Abrasives?

Blasting Cabinet, Sandblasting Cabinet, Media Blast Cabinet, Mediablaster® Cabinet and Abrasive Blasting Cabinet all basically mean the same thing. A machine you place parts inside to clean, texture the surface, shot peen, sandcarve, de-burr, polish, surface prepare for plating or even drill holes.

All of these applications use abrasive media, accelerated by compressed air, blasted onto a part surface. The cabinet simply contains the process, at least well-designed cabinets do. Some abrasives, like soda, plastic, and wet HydroSlurry® cabinets, are what we call “Do No Harm” abrasives blasting, and they are used to clean parts without changing the metallurgy of the part.

Media Blast & Abrasives Offers Machines for Every Application

Media Blast & Abrasives makes both kinds of media blasters, wet and dry. Our dry machines offer Siphon, Gravity Feed, or Direct Pressure abrasive delivery. We have 10 distinct machine categories, offer 60 models in a variety of cabinet sizes, and have more than 170 different blasting cabinets to ensure we meet the demands of any application in the Blasting Cabinet field.

Media Blast: Experts in the Abrasive Blast Cabinet Industry

We have been making and selling these machines for more than 40 years. Our team understands the nuances of each mediablaster and even though models may look the same, we know they may be designed for completely different applications. We encourage prospective buyers to call and talk to us so we can better understand your needs and then point you toward the machine or models that are the best fit for your specific use.

If you are looking for a home blasting cabinet for the lowest cost, we’ll do our best to help you find the most economical model for your needs. But we won’t point you toward the cheapest model we make unless it truly fits the application you have in mind. Your daily duty cycle (DDC), how much you plan to blast each day, will determine whether our Light Duty, R&D or Production Industrial machines are right for you. These categories cover equipment with a DDC range of 5 to 90 percent. And DDC is something you will find only at Media Blast.

At Media Blast, we understand the importance of frictional heat, compressed air, and a number of other factors that greatly impact your blasting success. Let us help you get the most bang for your buck!

To Sum It Up

We understand that you may not want to buy one of our machines… but do us a favor and remember our name. Give us a call the second time around, so to speak.  Our brand name has become a genericized trademark like xerox and Kleenex, blasting cabinets are now called Mediablasters.