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Closer Look at Service Parts for Mediablaster® Cabinets

Closer Look at Service Parts for Mediablaster® Cabinets

If you’re looking for information about parts for your Media Blast® Abrasive Blasting Cabinet you’ve come to the right place. We made sure you purchased the right machine the first time we helped you through the purchasing process. Now we can explain in detail what you want to look for with in-house service parts for Mediablaster® cabinets.

ProTip: The most important feature on any dry blasting cabinet is the dust collector. If you want your Mediablaster® operate like new, then you cleaned and properly maintain your dust collector. Many companies list the dust collector as a separate item to lower the machine cost. Unfortunately it’s illegal to operate a dry blasting cabinet without a dust collector. If you’re using one that’s sized improperly for your Daily Duty Cycle (DDC) then your work space can become a mess.

Keep These 4 Service Parts for Mediablaster® Cabinets Handy

This is a good, short list of parts to keep our Media Blast® dry blasting cabinets operating in peak form.

Keep the following items handy to reduce maintenance-related down-time:

  • Dust collector filter, filters. Dust collectors are the main part of a dry blast cabinet that removes air from inside the machine. Dust collector filters store spent abrasive and the dust removed from your parts. High dust filter storage capacity allows the exhaust blower to continue removing air and creating cabinet visibility. This also operates the abrasive recycling feature called the separator reclaimer. The more filter area you have, the longer the machine can operate between dust collector cleaning cycles. Also, what is removed from the part being processed varies depending on your application. Media Blast® files Application Notes about your operation based on what you indicated during your search for the right blasting machine to operate at your Daily Duty Cycle (DDC).
  • Blast gun and blast gun parts. If you’re using a worn out gun it’s hard to maintain production output. We offer nozzles in a variety of degrees of hardness for all the different blasting applications for cutting and non-cutting abrasives. Each Media Blast® blasting cabinet has a Serial Number Tag which lists the machine’s gun type and size. We recommend keeping a spare gun on the shelf at all times.
  • Blast Hose. These service parts for mediablaster® cabinets should be keep in stock at all times for Direct Pressure Models using a pressure pot to deliver the abrasive media. ProTip: Siphon cabinets use a different high-quality hose under siphon suction and seldom require replacement.
  • Window Protectors. All Media Blast cabinets include a window protector. We recommend window protector replacement be included as a regular maintenance item because it’s easy and affordable to do so. The safety glass view window is likely to be damaged if the cabinet is used without a window protector. And as you may imagine, replacing the window costs much more than the protector.

To Sum It Up

The list above covers the most important maintenance items on our eight different abrasive delivery machines, and sixty-five different machine models. We offer Wet and Dry, Siphon, Gravity Feed and Direct Pressure with Internal and External Abrasive Storage Mediablasters to fit any application on the market. We make Industrial Micro Models in Direct Pressure and Siphon Delivery with very large Dust Collectors and Blowers for a Clean Operation. And we offer Special Cabinets for Abrasives like Plastic, Soda and Steel Shot and Grit.  Over 170 machines for almost Half Century.

There is only one company offering Media Blast® Cabinets, we are the company that created the names Media Blast® and Mediablaster®. Contact us for information about parts and manuals.

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