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FAQs About our New Hydroslurry Mediablaster

FAQs About our New Hydroslurry Mediablaster

Ever since we debuted our new Hydroslurry™ Blasting Cabinet, we’ve been getting questions about how the Hydroslurry measures up against our existing Hurricane wet mediablaster® and the machines offered by our competitors. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions we’re receiving and their answers.

Hydroslurry Blasting Cabinet FAQs

Q:  What material is the cabinet made from?
A:  14 ga. stainless steel

Q:  How hard is pump maintenance?
A:   Our Hurricane Model has a seal-less vertical outside mounted pump assembly which makes any required pump maintenance fast and easy unlike the competition.

Q: What’s the highest abrasive to water percentage your mediablaster allows?
A: The Industrial pump allows slurry percentages to 23% for true Industrial part processing. This is much higher than the typical 10- to 15-percent you find today.  Because wet blasting is factually slower than dry blasting, the highest percentage possible is important for all Industrial Applications.

Q: What sets Media Blast’s HydroSlurry apart from other wet blast cabinets?
A: A few things, thanks for asking! First, our HydroSlurry Models use a submersible pump assembly for lower machine cost. Second, this product line also includes three larger cabinet sizes and the fourth is the smaller H/S model, the 2420 SS, with Top Loading design and real space saving footprint. All our Wet Blasting models include:

  • Stainless steel cabinet construction, for lasting durability
  • Negative pressure cabinets, for visibility
  • Coalescing mist blower and filter, meeting Air Pollution Control Guidelines for safe machine operation
  • Small area footprints
  • Each model includes 3 to 5 different cabinet sizes so you do have choices

Q: With no frictional heat, wet machines are much slower than dry machines by nature, so does it make a difference to spend more money and buy a higher quality machine?
A: YES! Choose the machine model that fits your application’s required Daily Duty Cycle, (DDC). Budget should be considered only after you have narrowed down your potential machines to a few that can perform your required tasks for DDC. We understand how important the budget really is to any purchase, but we typically see disappointment and buyer’s remorse inversely related to money spent on a mediablaster. Unless the machine you purchase matches the application DDC that your application requires it won’t be able to stand up to your job. Typically, lower cost machines have the smallest gun sizes, when added to no frictional heat cleaning speed determines the DDC.

To Sum It Up

The HydroSlurry mediablaster is available in four standard cabinet sizes starting with the smallest, the 2420 SS and ending with the HydroSlurry 4836 all operating on 120-volt power. All sizes use a new slurry pump design for both agitation and supply to the gun when blasting wet.  All models include the mist blower and coalescing filter for larger gun size, higher blasting pressure and safer operation.

If you’re not sure if this machine is a good fit for your needs, we’re happy to help – contact us today.