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Sunshine & Sandcarving

Sunshine & Sandcarving

IKONICS Imaging had a blast during the Sandcarving Seminar in sunny California at Media Blast & Abrasive! Wes Barton and Darin Jones with IKONICS Imaging taught a one-and-a-half day, professional-level sandcarving seminar. Wes and Darin covered topics from basic artwork tips and demoing different types of photoresist films to sandcarving techniques and CrystalBlast machine basics.  Another popular subject was common troubleshooting tips along with sharing information on high wear parts. It was a full class and fun to work with both new and familiar faces.

The students worked with both RapidMask, dry-process photoresist film, along with the R-Series washout films. They enjoyed sandcarving wine glasses, ceramic mugs, mirrors, river rocks, mason jars and other barware glasses. The possibilities with sandcarving are truly endless – ability to sandcarve most any material at any size! The sandcarving techniques Wes and Darin demonstrated included stage-carving and sandcarving on compound curves, or wine glasses. The students also utilized the top-of-the line equipment including CrystalBlast sandcarving machines, from the CrystalBlast Elite to the Pro and Summit.

At the end of the class, students took home unique personalized gifts. Not only did they have something spectacular to keep, but more importantly, the knowledge and connections taken away. Most students were actually surprised this class was free because the IKONICS Imaging Reps covered so much information. Believe it or not, these sandcarving seminars are a great way for people in the industry to connect and network!

Overall, a fantastic class and a must-attend-event if you’re in the sandcarving industry! It’s the perfect opportunity to learn, practice and really connect with others in the industry. Don’t miss the next IKONICS Imaging Sandcarving Seminar in California on October 14-15, 2017. We hope to see you there, register today!