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Cobra Siphon Abrasive Cabinet Spotlight

Cobra Siphon Abrasive Cabinet Spotlight

The Cobra Stage I and Cobra Stage II cabinets were created for general repair shops, facility in-house maintenance and automotive repair. A small, compact machine, the Cobra is ideal for applications that require less than one hour of daily operation. If your project demands more continuous operation, what we call production quality, consider the N-200 Siphon cabinets available in thirteen cabinet sizes with a smaller gun size offered if you have limited air.

If you’re considering this machine know the Cobra is now available in two Stages. Stage one has a smaller gun size, smaller blower cfm and manual dust collector cleaning assembly.  Stage II has a larger gun size, larger exhaust blower and semi-automatic pneumatic vibrator cleaning cycle.  The normal air compressor power required for operation of either Cobra is 220 volt single phase power.  This is the same power that operates a home dryer.  Choose the Cobra Stage that is best for your operation, available compressed air and usage.  All Cobra models include 90 sq.ft. of MERV certified negative pressure cartridge dust collector filtration with large dust storage hopper and the blower on the clean side of the filters.

Benefits of the Cobra Media Blasting Cabinet

  1. Manufactured using 100% welded 14-gauge cold rolled steel to minimize spent abrasive escaping into the workspace
  2. Dual side-access doors make loading this abrasive blasting cabinet a piece of cake
  3. Due to the advanced cartridge filter technology, the Cobra is the best of the blast cabinets in its class using all negative pressure cartridge dust collector.

 To Sum It Up

The Cobra siphon abrasive blast cabinet is a great choice for auto body shops and facilities that require in-house maintenance. It is available with two gun sizes and operates on the same power as your washing machine or dryer. To see if the Cobra is the right blasting cabinet for your needs, visit our Buying Guide. If you’re on a tighter budget, check out our Space Saver HD.