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Features & Upgrades of the 2017 Model

Features & Upgrades of the 2017 Model

Since the 1970s, Media Blast and Abrasive, Inc. has manufactured 100% American-made abrasive blast cabinets. Over the years, we’ve put together one of the largest, most complete lines of wet and dry blast cabinets offered for the fully equipped home shop through Industrial Production. To this day, we remain dedicated to supplying customers with superior quality, workmanship and dependability with every piece of sandblasting equipment we build. At Media Blast and Abrasive, Inc., we believe in constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with sandblasting equipment. We’re committed to staying at the forefront of the industry, which is why we’re always working on new models and making improvements to our existing machines. In 2017, we were thrilled to announce the launch of several exciting new products and features that are sure to take your sandblasting game to the next level. We take great pride in our commitment to superior quality, workmanship, and dependability, and we’re confident that these latest innovations will only reinforce our reputation as a trusted industry leader.

Introducing the Latest and Upgraded Machine Models

Media Blast cabinets are dependable semi-automatic, custom and special, one-of-a-kind units to fit even the toughest application requirements.

New Cobra Soda Machine and its required working process:

  1. The all-new Cobra Soda machine is only one of three (3) models offered for soda cleaning applications all using Media Blast’s advanced GhostFlow™ Soda Delivery System. All three models use direct pressure abrasive delivery and feature used soda collection outside the dust collector. There are now three to four ways to clean the dust collector using air pulse or reverse pulse, with or without pneumatic vibration, working together to make sure the dust collector stays clean. The Cobra Stage I is a more compact cabinet that includes 90 sq.ft. of advanced cartridge filtration for daily operation using less compressed air when you don’t require active daily production.

Quality Performance comparison between N-200 Stage II and Cobra Stage l:

  1. The new N-200 Stage II Soda Blasting System handles more daily operation than the Cobra Stage I using a larger dust collector and more compressed air for faster labor saving cleaning times. Stage II and III models are available in different cabinet sizes to handle almost any job. All models include the “VibraPulse Cleaning Advantage allowing you different ways to clean the dust collector or use all together for a clean dust collector.

Updated Blizzard Stage III as an Advanced System:

  1. The updated Blizzard Stage III Soda Blasting System is the most advanced soda-cleaning machine available today – there’s no doubt it’s top of tine line! It uses our GhostFlow™ Soda Delivery with the largest self-contained dust collector on the market. Here are some key features of the Blizzard Stage III that make it stand out:
    1. GhostFlow™ Soda Delivery System: Like the other two models, the Blizzard Stage III also uses Media Blast’s advanced GhostFlow™ Soda Delivery System, which reduces air and soda usage while providing precise control over the blasting process.
    2. Largest Self-Contained Dust Collector: The Blizzard Stage III boasts the largest self-contained dust collector on the market, which means it can handle even the most demanding cleaning jobs without needing to be cleaned as often. This is possible due to a true expanding high-efficiency cyclone for pre-collection of the used soda below 25 microns.
    3. Reverse Pulse and Vibrator Cleaning: The Reverse Pulse and Vibrator Cleaning feature allows for the advanced cleaning of the dust collector even when the machine is off. This feature ensures that the dust collector stays clean and runs efficiently, which translates to less downtime for maintenance and more time for cleaning.
    4. Unparalleled Used Soda Collection: The Blizzard Stage III features a unique used soda collection system that captures the soda particles below 25 microns, which is not found in the other two models. This results in better filtration and a longer running machine daily duty cycle.
    5. Advanced Cleaning Capabilities: The Blizzard Stage III’s VibraPulse Cleaning Advantage offers different ways to clean the dust collector, such as air pulse or reverse pulse, with or without pneumatic vibration, or even using all cleaning methods together for a clean dust collector. This advanced cleaning capability allows for faster and more efficient cleaning times.
  2. The all-new Pro G/S uses steel abrasives to hide repairs blending the repair into the original factory finish. The easy-to-use controls and cabinet configuration make this cabinet ideal for professional grade applications. We created this machine to be compact and portable which makes it the right choice when more tools mean better product.

Updated Machine Features

  1. All soda blaster models now use the advanced GhostFlow™ Delivery System for reduced air and soda usage. Each includes a used soda collection before the dust collector, which we first introduced on our advanced Blizzard Soda System in the year 2000.
  2. All our models now include a newly designed operator dash panel most with exciting new features like the “VibraPulse Cleaning System that allows three to four ways to clean the dust collector. All this means a longer running machine daily duty cycle.

To Sum It Up

All Media Blast and Abrasive machines are manufactured in the U.S.A. at our state-of-the-art facility in Brea, California. We offer more than 180 standard models and sizes of blast cabinets with over 80 optional features for increased productivity, durability, and operator safety. Our employees are trained to assist customers in selecting the right blasting cabinet that will best suit their needs.

Media Blast and Abrasive, Inc. has earned a reputation for excellence with each of its machine models and features. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Superior blast cabinet visibility: Media Blast and Abrasive machines offer unmatched visibility, allowing operators to see their work clearly and achieve the desired results.
  2. Cleanest running operation: The company’s machines run cleaner than any other, ensuring that workspaces remain free of dust and debris.
  3. Smallest machine footprint: Media Blast and Abrasive machines are designed to take up as little space as possible, allowing operators to maximize their workspace.
  4. Largest dust collector filter surface area: The machines are equipped with the largest dust collector filter surface area available, ensuring that they run longer without the need for cleaning.

If you’re not sure which machine is the right fit for your needs, visit our Buying Guide or call us at 866.204.7068.