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3 Important Sandcarving Cabinet Features

3 Important Sandcarving Cabinet Features

A Sandcarving cabinet is a piece of machinery used for sandblasting and carving designs into glass, wood, and other materials. It consists of a dust collector, a sandblast gun, and a protective cabinet to contain the dust and debris created by the Sandcarving process. Most are Direct Pressure but we also manufacturer Siphon for Surface Etching.

Media Blast knows Sandcarving Cabinets

We introduced our patented line of CrystalBlast® Sandcarving and Film Washout Machinery in 2003. Media Blast & Abrasive was the first manufacturer to introduce Sandcarving equipment with several features that ultimately raised the bar for Sandcarving machines in the industry.

The Three Most Important Sandcarving Cabinet Features

Every Sandcarving cabinet manufacturer thinks they have the best product on the market. As a knowledgeable buyer, you can tell a lot about a machine based on the three most important features.

  1. Dust collector. The surface area is what stores the dust and allows the blower to keep moving air from inside the cabinet. The more filter surface area, measured in square feet, the less the dust collector cleaning is required to keep any exhaust blower moving air uniformly. It’s also important to know how the dust collector is cleaned. An effortless pneumatic vibrator cleaning cycle makes cleaning a Cartridge Filter effortless in 2 to 3 minutes. This is impossible when using dust bag!
  2. Blower CFM. Sandcarving Machines need a high blower cfm being and dust collectors use Pressure Blowers. You need a pressure blower Class III to move air volume as you collect more and more dust. As you collect dust it gets harder to move air through the filters. We manufacture dust collectors and understand blower air movement. We also have the blower reports for our running cabinet, and this is NOT the same as the blower specifications.
  3. Separator Reclaimer. The finer it can separate and recycle the good abrasive, removing the dust and spent abrasive, the finer mesh size you can run. The finer the abrasive mesh size, the more Sandcarving detail you can produce and the less it costs to operate the Sandcarving Cabinet. Our Patented Separator allows you to move lots of air out of the cabinet without removing the good abrasive.

To Sum It Up

Media Blast & Abrasive offers an extensive line of CrystalBlast Sandcarving Cabinets which have the largest Dust Collector Filter Surface Area in the Industry.

  • Our Pro line has five different cabinets equipped with 110 square feet of filter area.
  • The Summit, Artist Station, and Expanded Cabinets have 220 square feet of filter area.
  • The CrystalBlast Master models all include 440 square feet of filter area

We offer lots of machine upgrades on most of our machines, and that includes doubling the standard dust collector filter area. And you can NEVER have enough dust collector filter area on a Sandcarving cabinet! We also offer upgrades for cleaning cycles. Upgrading to an automated cleaning cycle  removes the operator from the cleaning cycle. And our blowers and separator reclaimers are the best in the industry.  These three features make a world of difference in whether or not you complain about the mess a Sandcarving makes. You need three features to run a clean Sandcarving operation.

So if you have questions about Sandcarving cabinets, reach out to us. We’d love to help you choose the right machine for your application.

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