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How Cartridge Filters Improve the Efficiency of Machine DDC

How Cartridge Filters Improve the Efficiency of Machine DDC

First there were tubular cloth dust bags, second there were enveloped cloth dust bags yielding about 10 times the filter area in the same footprint. Finally came cartridge filters which double the filter area of envelope dust bags. More dust filter area means fewer dust collector cleaning cycles per day. Which means less dust collector maintenance and higher machine output. Increased filter dust storage can improve dust collector efficiency by slowing down the speed of air passing through the filter.

Maintenance Benefits of Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters, which have the largest filter area, have another design advantage. Ridged cartridge filter construction allows easy mechanical cleaning cycles. Because the cartridge is ridged, the operator can easily clean the dust collector using pneumatics the machine already has.

Cleaning Cycles

Semi-automatic cleaning cycles and automatic cleaning cycles are always included with Media Blast & Abrasive cartridge filters. Our automatic reverse pulse cleaning means the operator never stops to clean the dust collector, it’s automatic during blasting operation.  Not only is maintaining cartridge filters a breeze, they are quick and easy to replace. Finally, a testing scale can be used to show cartridge filtering efficiency. This efficiency also tells you when you have HEPA efficiency.

Beware of Cutting Cabinet Costs with Lesser Cartridge Filters

The single most important set of features on any blasting cabinet is the dust collector, blower, and separator reclaimer. You can’t have enough dust collector filter area on any blasting cabinet – buy the biggest filter your budget will allow. One of the first features to be reduced on a blasting cabinet to lower the cost will be the dust collector and blower size. If a tubular dust collector with only 10 sq.ft. of tubular cloth is placed inside a large looking steel cabinet, it looks really large in size. Unfortunately, it is the smallest filter area used today.

A too-small dust collector surface area on your cartridge filter without a separator reclaimer is the main reason so many blasting cabinets are messy. If the separator reclaimer is not efficient you have a real issue. Because you cannot remove high air volume from inside the cabinet for visibility without removing all the good abrasives. It’s really that simple! Missing any one of these three features means the equipment will most likely create a mess.

Improve Efficiency with the right Cartridge Filtration and Sandblasting Cabinet

Since many of our models include an automatic cleaning cycle and cartridge filtration, maintaining the dust collector filters and retaining high air filtration quality is simple. If you’re not sure which sandblasting cabinet is right for you, check out our buying guide or give us a call – our goal is to help you buy the right machine the first time with 62 different models and 170 different blasting cabinets and related machines!

To Sum It Up

You cannot have enough dust collector, blower or separator reclaimer efficiency on any blasting cabinet. One Industrial abrasive blasting gun, siphon or direct pressure, can easily move 1,200,000 pounds of abrasive out the nozzle in a single 8-hour day working only 265 days a year. A great cartridge filter dust collector will save you time and money in both maintenance and improving your abrasive media recycle rates. The easiest way to get lots of filter surface area and a slow velocity through the filter is to make sure your cabinet is using a cartridge filter.

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