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N-200 GF Siphon Abrasive Blast Cabinet Spotlight

N-200 GF Siphon Abrasive Blast Cabinet Spotlight

Media Blast’s N-200 GF Siphon abrasive blasting cabinet is a side-loading blasting cabinet that uses siphon abrasive delivery and requires 25-90 cfm of compressed air at 80 psi. This machine is available in many special cabinet sizes but standard in two, the 3636 and 4848, because those sizes are commonly used with turntable assemblies. This sandblasting equipment can operate with almost any abrasive type, but it’s specially designed to use fine and ultra-fine abrasives.

Benefits of the N-200 GF Siphon Abrasive Blasting Cabinet

  1. The N-200 GF uses a pneumatic conveyor and high efficiency cyclone separator, which allow the highest percentage of abrasive (measured in pounds per minute) to be delivered to any part being processed using siphon delivery.
  2. This machine’s abrasive hose is shorter than any other siphon machine, allowing the most efficient possible injector gun performance.
  3. This design reduces the machine footprint and creates the most compact production blast machine, ideal for situations when space is critical.
  4. Like all Media Blast machines, the N-200 GF Siphon cabinet offers comprehensive Standard and Optional Features allowing unparalleled customization.
  5. This cabinet can be upgraded to include a HEPA after filter.

To Sum It Up:

The N-200 GF Siphon abrasive blasting cabinet is manufactured specifically for applications using fine and ultra fine abrasives.  Keeping the abrasive high, above the operator work grates, is a type of equipment specified by a mil-spec to meet all other types of siphon abrasive delivery volume.  Gravity feed makes delivery more uniform to the gun.

Media Blast & Abrasive has been manufacturing sandblasting cabinets since the 1970s. We make more than 180 standard models and sizes of abrasive blast cabinets. In addition to a comprehensive list of included features, we offer more than 80 optional features for increased productivity, durability, and operator safety. If you’re not sure whether the Hobby Blast cabinet is the right fit for your needs, give us a call or visit our Buying Guide.