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New Website Launch: MBA Automotive Blasting Cabinets

New Website Launch: MBA Automotive Blasting Cabinets

We’re proud to announce that our website showcasing Media Blast & Abrasive, Inc. Automotive Blasting Cabinets is now live! The site features 10 machine models designed specifically for the automotive and recreational vehicle industry. Each sandblasting cabinet targets special needs like camouflaging and color matching repairs or low-flow abrasive controls for precision blasting. The machines are available in a variety of models and various cabinet sizes to accommodate commercial and residential use with all the standard and newer abrasive types.

Automotive abrasive blast cabinets

Media Blast’s Automotive Blasting Cabinets

  1. 3030 Savage: A quality direct pressure machine with right-sized abrasive controls for use with 25 cfm and less air compressors. This is a great option for users who need to run their machine on residential power.
  2. Shop Standard 2.0: An affordable and clean sandblasting unit with larger cabinet sizes to accommodate various part sizes. This machine runs on 25 cfm and less air compressors, which are compatible with residential power.
  3. Cobra Stage I & Stage II: These are the best of the compact cabinets for use with 16 to 22 cfm air compressors. Choose the model that meets your needs for a cost-effective automotive blast cabinet solution.
  4. Space Saver HD: This compact cabinet with top access door includes an abrasive separator reclaimer and negative pressure cartridge dust collector.
  5. Cobra Stage I Soda: Designed for lower daily operation using Ghost Flow™ soda technology with pre-soda drop-out for a compact footprint.
  6. N-200 Stage II Soda: Designed for higher production applications requiring Ghost Flow™soda technology, this machine comes standard with a large, space saving side mounted dust collector.
  7. Blizzard Stage III Soda: The ultimate soda blaster using Ghost Flow™soda technology and the most advanced dust collector available on the market today.
  8. Pro G/S: Capable of “blending” camouflaging repairs matching factory finishes for higher profits, this is the perfect compact portable cabinet with wheels.
  9. Charger Direct PressureDesigned for high daily machine use, this machine’s “pressure pot” abrasive delivery means greater abrasive frictional heat and reduced part cleaning time. The Charger also includes our space saving side mounted dust collector.
  10. Dominator SiphonThis machine is designed for high daily machine operation using almost any abrasive type. It offers the widest abrasive pattern and continuous operation resulting in flexibility and fast part processing. The Dominator also includes the space saving side mounted dust collector.

To Sum It Up

The Media Blast & Abrasive industrial website will continue to display our entire collection of more than 180 abrasive blasting cabinet models, including those designed for the automotive and recreational vehicle industry. For industry specific blast cabinet information and news, look to MBA’s Automotive Blasting Cabinets website.