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Space Saver HD Blast Cabinet Spotlight

Space Saver HD Blast Cabinet Spotlight

The Space Saver HD abrasive blast cabinet by Media Blast in considered a light duty blast cabinet. It was designed with a small machine footprint to meet small equipment repair needs and allow for residential use in a home garage. This blast cabinet model requires less floorspace because the access door is vertically opened and operates using 120-volt, single-phase power you find on any service outlet.

Benefits of the Space Saver HD Abrasive Blast Cabinet

  1. Increased visibility due to a Class III, 335 cfm pressure dust collector blower and centrifugal abrasive separator reclaimer that removes dust and spent abrasive from the cabinet creating better cabinet visibility and lower abrasive usage.
  2. Top loading access door to accommodate operation in limited shop areas.
  3. LED blast cabinet lighting.
  4. 100% welded 14-gauge CRS cabinet construction.
  5. Adjustable abrasive flow-control mixing valve.
  6. Foot operated blast control valve.

To Sum It Up

The Space Saver HD abrasive blast cabinet is a great machine for home garage use and applications that process smaller hand held parts. Media Blast always matches the gun cfm size to the dust collector and abrasive separator reclaimer for clean machine operation.  If you need a larger dust collector filtersize with negative pressure cartridge style dust collector, the Cobra machine model is likely to be a better fit for your application. If you’re not sure which of these abrasive blast cabinets is right for you, visit our Buying Guide or call us.