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The Most Important Features in Any Dry Sandblasting Cabinet

The Most Important Features in Any Dry Sandblasting Cabinet

There are many cool Dry Sandblasting Cabinet features available on the market today. These vary from automatic cleaning cycles to ergonomic controls and more. After nearly a half-century manufacturing, our team at Media Blast & Abrasives has come up with two non-negotiable features for all dry cabinets: the Dust Collector and Blower followed by the Separator Reclaimer Efficiency.

What Makes These Features Special?

For decades our company’s founder has been making the following statement:

“You can have the best blasting cabinet and worst dust collector; the result will be a machine failure.  If you have the worst blasting cabinet but a great efficient dust collector you will have a blasting machine that uses lots of abrasive but still has great visibility and a high cost of operation.”

– Media Blast & Abrasives Founder

You want to spend all your dollars getting lots of dust collector filter area surface, and a quick effortless way to clean the filters. This is a great combination for successful abrasive blasting that results in low abrasive usage, great visibility, and a clean work area. You are moving lots of air from inside the cabinet which requires the right separator reclaimer. One size does not fit all is the meaning of what we just said.

Don’t Settle for a Subpar Dry Sandblasting Cabinet

If a company doesn’t make what you need, they will sell you what they do make. The only way to make sure you buy a quality cabinet is to buy from a company manufacturing all the different abrasive delivery types. 

To Sum It Up

Can we make a better Abrasive Blasting Cabinet, yes, we can! Our 170 different machine models are designed with return on invest in mind. Value for Dollar Spent has been the Media Blast® Motto for almost Half Century!

Drop into our website at,, and check out our Buying Guide. If you have any questions about which dry sandblasting cabinet is the best one for your unique needs, contact us

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