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N-200 Siphon Blast Cabinet Can Replace Some Blasting Rooms

N-200 Siphon Blast Cabinet Can Replace Some Blasting Rooms

Media Blast® has solved the challenges of abrasive blasting rooms for one aircraft engine manufacturer with a special cabinet design. This unique N-200 Siphon Blast Cabinet includes specialized part-handling equipment specifically for their parts. 

What Sets the N-200 Siphon Blast Cabinet Apart?

Our standard N-200 Siphon Blast Cabinet has a small machine footprint to save valuable floor space. A proprietary movable work cart holds the part being processed. Unparalleled part manipulation inside the cabinet allows users to process the part to specification guidelines.

Customization for Aircraft Engines

This special N-200 Siphon Blast Cabinet designed for an aircraft engine manufacturer is unlike our other models. It uses two large access door openings, as well as Media Blast & Abrasives’ proprietary engineering. This allows easy loading and position the part for processing. Our design easily accepts a 65” high part. 

We designed two operator blast stations at the ideal operator distance from the part. The blasting cabinet uses two complete siphon blasting stations which eliminate down time and improve ROI. 

The N-200 Siphon Blast Cabinet comes standard with a 440 sq.ft. self-contained dust collector package. Users can upgrade to an optional larger automatic dust collector as well. Another benefit of this machine is that either dust collector can be equipped with our HEPA After Filters. HEPA filters are often used for Machine Cell Operation and for increased dust collector efficiency.

Clockwise from left: The machine in the lower left is our larger, expanded height N-200 Siphon blasting cabinet with two operator stations and Mobile Work Cart. The Tall machine in the rear is a Power Strip four hopper quad cabinet that is 96″ x 96″ x 96″ using direct pressure, includes a roll-up door. The lower right is a Power Strip Dual Hopper machine with a mobile work cart.

To Sum It Up

Media Blast has been solving these special cabinet design problems for almost half-century with one of the largest blasting cabinet model lineups in the industry. Wet & DRY, Siphon, Gravity Feed, and Direct Pressure in any DDC, Daily Duty Cycle you might require, using our extensive line of 60 different machine models and 170 separate standard machines. This does not include our special machine designs like the N-200 Siphon Blast Cabinet in this post.

Watch for more special designs to come from Media Blast® home of Mediablasters®. Please give us a call if you’re curious about how we can design a machine specific to your needs. We will tell you if your part is right for this type of design. Finding a standard machine like this blasting cabinet is almost impossible, but our great design department anything possible. 

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