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Choosing the right Window Slope for your Mediablaster Cabinet

Choosing the right Window Slope for your Mediablaster Cabinet

Media Blast® offers multiple window slopes on Wet and Dry Industrial Blasting Cabinets. This is because the wrong window slope can make it very hard to operate your mediablaster®. Which slope is right for you? It depends on the part you’re processing.

Max Window Slope Mediablaster 

One of our window slope angles is the most angled. This makes it easier it is to see low height parts on the work grate surface just in front of the operator blast station. This mediablaster window slope angle is what we call our Standard Top with the maximum window slope.

It is easier to process parts on the work grate rather than having the part in one hand while using the other hand to hold the gun. An operator’s reach inside a cabinet is also only about 18 to 20 inches when both arms are inside the operator work ports. You may be wondering why we offer 36”, 48”, or 60” and deeper cabinet sizes when operators can only reach about 20 inches inside a mediablaster cabinet. We offer larger boxes because often we are accommodating large parts that are being processed. Mediablaster cabinets are the only way to you need abrasive blast containment!

Media Blast® offers Optional Fixed Turntables inside all our Industrial models to allow extended operator mobility during machine use. Add the fixed turntable if the part is heavy, and you are all set for have operator blasting mobility.

When You Want Less of a Window Slope

Having less window slope results in a more vertical window. This allows taller parts fitting inside a mediablaster cabinet without the part hitting the window. At Media Blast, we call this our Expanded Top model. The Expanded Top model is our most requested cabinet window slope for Industrial applications, because it allows manually operated blast cabinets to accommodate the largest parts to be processed.

No Window Slope Mediablaster

Flat windows do not work for manual blasting stations, but they can be helpful for automated mediablasters like our Tumble Barrel Cabinets. These cabinets have windows that quick visual checks during the blasting cycle to ensure proper gun placement and machine operation but no operator work ports. By removing all slope from the window and using a large box cabinet shape, we are able to offer the maximum door size for the cabinet.

Real World Example: Using a mediablaster with a flat slope window often results in you get nose prints and fog. And you must also lift the part off the grate to be able to see while you’re blasting.

Our optional Insert Window can be added to any square cabinet or any side access door on 36” depth cabinets. This creates a window slope and an additional operator station on a side access door. You can easily see this type of window on our TB-3 cabinet below.

No Window Slope Mediablaster

To Sum It Up

If you are talking about Industrial Blasting Cabinets, it’s likely that one window slope is best for your application. If you’re not sure which slope is most suited to your application, please give us a give us a call!

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