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Mediablaster® Cabinets
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Find Out how Some Blasting Cabinets Save Money!

Find Out how Some Blasting Cabinets Save Money!

High-quality blasting cabinets can be an expensive piece of equipment, and sometimes that deters businesses from investing in them. We’re going to explore a few ways spending more money up front on blasting cabinets can save you BIG in the long run.

Large Blasting Cabinets Can Eliminate Blast Rooms

All companies using a Blast Room also have Blasting Cabinets. But not all companies using a Blasting Cabinet have a Blast Room. What this means is your application my not require an entire room dedicated to abrasive blasting. 

Real World Example: If you are blasting small engine parts as part of a bigger automotive restoration project. 

And even if you DO need a blast room, the right mediablaster® cabinet could decrease the amount of time you need to use that space. If all variables are the same, operating a cabinet should always be less costly than running a blast room. It might even be enough to reduce your overhead costs and improve your bottom line. 

A cabinet could save you the headache of managing blast suits, poor quality abrasives, shovels to refill the pressure pot with 500-800lbs of abrasives, and even high abrasive waste disposal costs. Check out “How Cabinet Media Blasters Eliminate Blastrooms” for more information. 

Media Blast is the only company making Mediablasters! Ask us how our special cabinet designs may work for your blast room requirements using low height rollup doors and even 75″ refrigerator doors. 

Collage of Media Blasting cabinets that can eliminate blasting rooms

Tumble Blast with Manual Blast Station Saves Floorspace

Media Blast® has always created the right machine model needed for your application with our eight, (8), different abrasive delivery types. Our Industrial Tumble Barrel Options, the TB-3 and TB-4, can be added to any of our Wet or Dry Industrial Blasting Cabinets. This Barrel Design allows faster part unloading and the highest daily processing output.

Adding the Manual Operator Station to the TB-3 Production Barrel makes this model a real Space Saver. The design is available with Internal Abrasive Storage when paired with the N-200 Model Line. (Check out N-200 Siphon Blast Cabinet Can Replace Some Blasting Rooms.) It’s also available with External Abrasive Storage when added to the N-200 Cyclone Model Line, which was designed for ultra-fine abrasives. This add-on feature creates two dual-purpose machines that saves big on floor space. With the additional free space, you can eventually purchase more machines and increase your processing output to increase revenue.

N-200 Cyclone 4836 Blasting Cabinets photo
The model shown above is an N-200 Cyclone 4836 for fine and ultra-fine blasting abrasives as small as 25- to 50-micron.

To Sum It Up

Media Blast & Abrasives Inc. has been manufacturing blasting cabinets in the USA since the 1970s. We offer every combination of abrasive delivery and type of blasting in our extensive line of mediablaster cabinets. If you’re not sure which machine is the right fit for you, contact us today. We’ll help you buy the right machine the first time to benefit your bottom line!

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