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Welcome to the Media Blast blog!

Welcome to the Media Blast blog!

Welcome to the Media Blast & Abrasive, Inc. blog! We’re glad you found us and we hope we can shed a little light on the abrasive blasting industry, better known as the sandblasting industry.

You can expect new posts every other week related to various blasting industry topics such as tips and tricks, machine spotlights, information about specific applications and much more. Blogs will be shared on our social media channels: Facebook and Twitter.

Hamburger Sandblast Cabinet FB

To begin, let’s get one thing straight: although our work is often referred to as “sandblasting” we don’t actually use sand. Sand is a dirty, irregular abrasive that’s too soft to recycle and poses health hazards so our blast cabinets use harder much more sophisticated materials such as glass beads, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, steel shot, water and much more that hit the part surface, do some kind of work then get cleaned and recycled. For this reason, our industry is adopting one of two terms in favor of sandblasting and they are “media blasting” or “abrasive blasting”.  Media Blast got its name from the simple fact that sandblasting cabinets didn’t use sand! We like to compare sand in sandblasting cabinets to ham in hamburgers.

Did you learn something new? If you did, great! If not, we’re looking forward to diving deeper into our industry and sharing some of the knowledge we’ve gained over nearly 40 years in this business.